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The smart living lab project is a cutting-edge, inter-disciplinary, interinstitutional platform that combines several lines of research related to construction technologies: material sciences and renewable energy production systems that take into account aspects that are related to the occupation of a building, living space and housing, such as comfort, health and air quality. It aims to be a center of national scope, recognized on an international level and involving a variety of players and institutions.

It brings together the skills of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), the School of Engineering and Architecture (HEIA‐FR) and the University of Fribourg (UniFR) in the areas of technology and materials, as well as law and human sciences. Collaboration with other institutions, such as the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Laboratoire Fédéral Suisse de Recherche et d’Essai sur les Matériaux, Empa), is to be envisaged.

The smart living lab will allow the Canton of Fribourg to associate its image to EPFL’s worldwide brand and network, and to position the Canton and the blueFACTORY site both in Switzerland and internationally in the field of innovative technologies ‐ one more step towards the establishment of the National Innovation Park (Parc National de l'Innovation, PNI).

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Annual report

The annual report of the smart living lab gives an overview of the most important activities, developments and highlights of the past year.

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